Sunday, September 5, 2010

****Finger Lickin Good****

My hands wanted to be decked out in jewels.......

And I couldn't deny them that right.

I don't have enough hands to count on the number of times I've seen other bloggers finish off their look with a fist-full of gorgeous jewels. And this is not to say that I not fact I love the idea. There's something fun about a big costume ring (or two) on a hand. It reads that you don't take life too seriously...that life is really all about having fun and enjoying it, which is what you are all about. Unfortunately I have been only a limited member of this club for my fingers are of a somewhat larger group and in many instances the rings available do not fit....not even with a little bit of elbow grease. That was until I came across stretchy ones.

Each and every week, a new sale is running at my job and during these sales our clearance costume jewelry gets marked to varying percentages off. I normally wait until they all go down to $4.99, but that hasn't happened in a while and when I saw these stretchy costume rings on sale I just had to have them and they ended up being only $7...not much of a difference from the final markdown price. At first I just admired them from afar...knowing that it would only be torture to attempt to make them fit. But, like every other time, I just had to try and when I saw the ring stretch to fit over my nubby little knuckles I small invisible tear fell from eye. Someone finally got it and made rings for the population of women with "strong" hands. I use that word only because of how a relative once described my very own pair.

Anywho. Although brave fashionistas go all the way with multiple statements on one hand for now I will keep it to one attention getter. But....that does not stop me from wearing them all at once around the house and for

P.S.  If you look hard enough in the background you can something from the DIY I will be posting tomorrow for DIY Sundays on Mondays.........still love the way that sounds


Sisi said...

I love the idea with big rings on each hand, especially turqoise silver rings and gothic rings.

I looove the big flower ring the most!


Jaymie said...

Thankyou for the lovely comment :)
Yes deffo feeling the khaki green capes, mmm tan ones are lush aswell. highstreet rummage time!

Statement rings ftw!

Violetta E. said...

cool pic :)

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