Saturday, September 4, 2010

****My First Sale****


A few weeks ago I made my first sale and I was so excited.  I have been making jewelry for a while and for about a year now have been procrastinating about creating an Etsy account and really putting my work out there.  Well I finally made the leap and am really getting everything together.  Slowly but surely I'm making my vision a reality.

So who do I have to thank for my first sale.....The Little Dust Princess who purchased the harness necklace I had up for sale on Chictopia.  I was nervous about her receiving the package on time...or at all seeing as I am the type of person who envisioned the package falling off the truck or some other highly unlikely event....but was extremely relieved when she did in fact get it and extremely happy when she told me that she really liked it.  So imagine how much my excitement grew when she posted a look with her wearing my necklace.......I was squirming with joy!!!  I posted the pictures below and can I just say how I loved her styling of the whole look and if you get a chance you should really take a look at  her blog...she has a shop on it so not only can you catch up on some fashion goodness but you can also shop......

See ya next post and a big thanks to The Little Dust Princess for the sale!!!!

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