Friday, May 20, 2011

****Moscato & McDonalds - What I Wore****

I'm coming around to the home stretch of what has been a lack luster vacation and finally the weather breaks!!!  So what do I do?  Well, I get up super early and get the hell out of the house that's what.

I decided to get breakfast at Panera which turned out to be more of disappointment.  For some reason, despite only one other person using their laptop, the wi-fi connection was horrible.  I couldn't have more than one tab open while Tweetdeck was running and then Firefox just decided not to open any of my pages due to a poor connection.  Slightly annoyed I left after I finished eating and headed out bead shopping.  There was a bead store about 15 min from me that I have been dying to visit and I'm so glad I made the stop.  The selection was great and the prices much more reasonable than a lot of other shops.  Plus they had these wooden skull beads that have been popping on jewelry pieces everywhere for what seemed like a steal. After that store, I headed over to another new favorite spot of mine that sells quartz chunks, pyrite and some amazing slabs of agate and jasper.  The break the slabs and sell each chunk.  Its actually an ingenious idea since some of the slabs are so uniquely shaped they become focal cabochons without much effort on the jeweler.  

And, with the weather being so great, I decided to bring out on of my DIY projects from a while ago.  Last year I got into shredding t-shirts and such, you can check out that post HERE. Since then, if I had some time and an old shirt, I got to shredding.

There is nothing like a McDouble, or two, and a large order of fries

My official wine mug....its so bachelor-like but I love the mug and I threw the bottle out last night after I finished nearly all of it and for some reason I put it in this mug and into the fridge.  I don't question my actions when under sleepy

Hope your Friday is going well and have a great start to your weekend.  Matter of fact you should probably party it up like its 1999 because according to some tomorrow the world is going to end.....

I guess we will just have to see about that now won't we.

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Dressed 4 Success said...

Like your skirt!! So nice pics!
"Clodet-Illustrations by Clau"


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