Friday, May 20, 2011

****Wrap It Around - DIY Part 2****

As you know from my last DIY post, I have a current obsession with wrap-around bracelets.  Easy to wear, great for adding a pop of bling (atleast the rhinestone ones I've created) and, ofcourse, easy to make on your own.  With so many variations on this style I decided to post another DIY for a much simpler option.  All you need is....
  • suede lacing
  • rhinestone chain (I've completely wiped out a few of my local craft store for this so I'm sorry if you go to one in my area and you can't get the plain crystal colored one...)
  • Some kind of closure (toggle, lobster claw) to finish it off
  • Needle nose pliers
Okay so first things first, cut the rhinestone chain to your desired length and then do the same with the suede lacing.  Your gonna wanna make sure its atleast and extra half the length of your rhinestone chain (sorry not that exact). 

Now its time to add the hardware.  With the rhinestone chain I bought, I had to attach a backing to both ends of the chain that had a small opening at the top for a jumpring.  Chances are you'll have to do the same and its very easy. Just slip the last rhinestone into the space provided and, using your pliers or hands, bend the prongs along the side to secure it.  Next add a jump or two and your clasp.  You could always do this later but I find it best to just get it out of the way early.

With all the hardware out of the way its time for the fun part.  That is unless you've been making jewelry just about everyday this week and have noticed your fingers uncooperative and cramping up on you, creating a sorta freakish hand just me...okay then, then yes this will be the fun part.  After tying off the lacing really well, begin to wrap the suede between the rhinestones.  It doesn't have to be extremely tight as it will begin curl almost but you definitely don't want the suede to be able to slip out of formation.

Keep going....

Keep going......

Keep going....

And congrats your done!!  Tie off the end tightly, snip off the excess and now have your very own wrap bracelet and have officially joined the "Obsessed With The Wrap" group.

So now I can say I've officially wrapped with suede/leather, shoe strings and embroidery thread.  My next mission is printed fabric and chiffon but I would love to use larger rhinestone chain for it.  The possibilities are endless really.

Oh yeah, adding a charm or two is also another way to double the endless possibilities..

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