Monday, August 15, 2011

****Missoni For Target****

I'm quite sure I can't be the only one excited about this collaboration but with each new blending of the fashion lines it seems that more and more people reveal their disdain for the result.  For some reason they get the feeling that it makes their prized designer possessions less valuable when such a brand decides to partner with the big, bad mass marketer.  Its completely unknown to them why a high class label such as Missoni or Gaultier or McQueen would even think about such a preposterous idea. Why would they stoop so below themselves?  Not sure what I'm talking about.  On an elevator trip up to class one day around the rise of Tory Burch I personally witnessed this sort of fashion disgust.  As Burch made popular her trademark emblem on everything from bags to shoes, two elevator riders happened to notice that they were wearing similar shoes and one decided to compliment the other on her choice in color for her Tory Burch purchase.  The other, somewhat confused, proclaimed that they were not in fact Tory's but Steve Madden instead.  To say that they look on the designer wearers face changed drastically would be an understatement and the rest of the ride up was filled with such unspoken tension.  Had the one rider looked closer she would have noticed that the emblem atop the disguised flats was not the same but apparently it was a bit to close for her own liking.  

Yes, I am aware that this example could be considered more of a knockoff case but the anger level is quite similar.  Some fashion lovers consider these  collaboration to do nothing more than give birth and popularity to knockoffs.  They feel that if you can't spend the big bucks on the "real" thing then you just shouldn't own it.  That it is in someway not for you or that such a buyer won't have the same respect for the brand.  And when designers participate in the collaborative efforts to bring designer goods to the masses, the concept of exclusivity gets shot right out the window and the once in awe passerby's on the subway or on the street who once gawked at seeing a Versace dress in person now overlooks it as just a dress.  But if designers didn't branch out from the sliver of the population who could regularly afford their collections they would begin to slowly vanish.  This is why brands began to create secondary labels under their houses such as D&G.  It can be a slippery slope of sorts to jump between the two, to keep the perceived quality and value of the original in tact but more and more are jumping on the collaboration band wagon with great success.  If your whole existence revolves around ensuring you are wearing items others can't afford to be idolized or elevated in some way then prepare to feel helpless and lost.  They will not stop because it is the masses who do the shopping on a massive scale.  But its midnight and I am getting this post ready for tomorrow or rather its extremely early in the morning as I prepare this post for later on today and my fingers have been given a tad bit to much slack from the chain my brain keeps them on and I do believe this would be considered a without further delay lets get back to the actual reason of this post.  Oh and for the record I do not discriminate against high or low end merchandise as my fashion addiction does not afford me such a luxury. I'm an insatiable consumer of fashion in the general sense and although I can say that I do have a handful of prized designer items my purchasing of the Chanel sandals I can't stop wearing has not lessened my desire for the leather pants from the  Karl Lagerfeld for Macys collection.  But again I digress.....

Believe it or not I am pretty sure my first purchase from this collection will be the bedding.  Me and my boyfriend have slowly begun  to step out of basics of living and I, seeing as the decorating tends to fall on the woman's shoulders, have actually found myself interested in embellishing our living quarters.  I am completely certain that the print and colors will be mutually loved.  And as for the bike, maybe its horrible timing as fall is soon to arrive with its shorts duration before winter but I keep seeing myself on the beauty riding into town to pick up a few things from the market in a gorgeous, sheer pleated number with a knit and flats.  This is a complete fabrication as their is no easy way to downtown from where I stay without dealing with horrible traffic, pot holes and but remember its early

And one more thing, when I asked the girl on the elevator about her choice she replied with that it just didn't make sense to spend so much on a pair of everyday flats when she could get something similar for much less.  "Besides," she said, "I'm saving up for a new Louis bag."


Mikimoto Angel said...

Lovely items and looks. I love the flats and the jacket especially. :-)

BTW, I love your blog. I hope we could follow each other. :-)

Much love Mystic Nymph

Kimberly said...

absolutely love it love missoni! thanks for the comment!

HeyDahye said...

OH MY GOSHHHH WHEN IS this coming out?!??!?

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