Monday, August 15, 2011

****Weekend In Review - What I Wore****

Its a great Monday!!

The weather sucks, I've have quite a bit of blogging work to get to but its still a great day.  Why you ask?  Well for one I have the day off.  My long weekend was spent with my loving boyfriend as it was our 8yr anniversary and it was a lot of fun.  Friday after work we packed up and headed out to Newport, RI with a pit stop for dinner at our favorite restaurant Smokey Bones.  We walked forever, stuffed our faces, stopped off at some great boutiques, took a nap overlooking the water and came across the cutest little critter ever.  But enough talking about it take a look at the snap shots below....

Although this is not my first post about Newport, I will refresh some memories with the attraction to the city.  It plays home to some the most exquisite mansions owned by some of history's greats like The Vanderbilts many of which are located right on the coast overlooking the water.  A walkway, The Cliff Walk, literally on the cliff puts you right between the between the amazing coastal view and the great architecture.

I played the role of the random picture snapper much to boyfriend's annoyance...hehehehe

The terrific view from our siesta location.

And this is the cutest little critter that lives on the cliffs. Out of all the times we have visited this place I have never seen them before but this time I noticed another patron of the Cliff Walk kneeling over admiring something and being the nosy person that I was I too had to investigate.  Thats when I saw them...feeding on grass completely unaware of our presence or too busy to be bothered.  After much investigation after my boyfriend determined they were voles and is convinced they would make a great pet.  I would love to have one but for some reason I can't see us not losing it on the first day in our apartment.

I love this picture as it shows my boyfriend patiently waiting for me to wrap up documenting the look as he wakes up from his nap.  I did dose off for a bit but was much more alert seeing as I did have a dress on and it was quite busy around the area....I guess you could just call me over paranoid.

 (What I Wore: Dress-XXI, Necklace-Macys, Ring/Bracelets-NaughtyBaubles, Shoes-Fendi)

It was a great weekend and I wish it didn't have to end tomorrow with the return to work....Hope your weekend was great and that your Monday is going well

P.S.  I'm on Facebook now and would love it if you checked it out :) I already have some pictures up of the latest rings that I have made and will be adding much more to it in the next couple of days


Kimbunnii said...

Love that dress, you look cute!

lolita said...

I love your dress and the pictures are beautiful x

HeyDahye said...

Beautiful pictures!!! So sunny. The dress looks great on you! Check out my blog:)

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