Wednesday, August 31, 2011

****New Zealand Fashion Week****

Am I the only one who finds it rather interesting that Fashion Week technically kicks off way before New York or Paris?  Very early on in my introduction to fashion, I believed that their was only New York and Paris Fashion Week.  Then I was informed about Milan and soon after London. It sounds quite ridiculous as I type it out now but I was quite young and naive.  I assumed that people from all over the globe would present at one of the four depending on their end customer and location and that was that.  Luckily I discovered how untrue that assumption was and it has been eye opening since then to be able to see the Fashion Weeks in just about every country and, here in the US, state. However now it has become some what of a compulsion to check out as many Fashion Weeks that I can uncover on vast world wide web along with local events...good or bad.

So from Stockholm I am jumping on over to New Zealand as their Fashion Week has recently started.  Take a look....








Another round of uber cool clothes I want to wear now.  I love the leather collars on the delicate dresses from Juliette Hogan. I can't decide what I love more from Stolen Girlfriends...the name or the clothes. Anna Stretton's feminine collection makes me giddy with delight and I really need that sequin top. I want all the nubby sweaters with the leather from COOP..especially the patchwork number with the front buckles. Plus, I am already working on a cool and simple DIY based off of Andrea Moore's collection. 

Speaking of DIY's, I should really get back to the three that I am currently working on so have a good night and see ya next post...

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Anonymous said...

wow love Anna Streton!!

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