Sunday, September 11, 2011

****Lazy Sunday - DIY****

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Believe it or not, I have never had a macaroon in my life.  They look so delicious yet no one I know has ever made them, no childhood tea party featured them, no restaurant offered them.....I mean it isn't a huge deal but they seem to be popping up in a lot of editorials and I'm beginning to feel a little left out.

But no, this is not my step by step introduction into the making of macaroons rather I really happen to love this editorial featuring  French beauty Constance Jablonski for Vogue Brazil and in my apparent absence I've been really working on some new accessories that hopefully I won't end up hogging for myself and promising to make more for Naughty Baubles on Etsy. 

This DIY is actually for a quick and easy way to update those cuff bracelets we've all been wearing lately.

 Ready to get started?
  • 26 gauge gold wire (of course you can a thicker gauge or another color)
  • geode slice (I didn't make it to the natural stone store in time so I used an old pendant which unfortunately had a hole drilled at the top)
  • flat top cuff bracelet (remember that duo H&M was selling for $10 this spring)
  • needle nose pliers
  • E 6000 or other  strong adhesive

  • Using your bonding agent, add a couple of drops to the top of the cuff and position the geode slice.  
  • Allow the two some time to get better wouldn't want it moving around later on

  • Now if you're like me and only had a pendant lying around, you may want to start these next by securing a bit of wire through the drilled can always be removed at the end

  • Now its just as simple as wrapping the wire around till you like the pattern

  • Done? wrap the wire around itself on the underside of the cuff to finish it off.  Make sure its tight and wrapped around a good number of times to ensure it won't unravel.  Trim off the excess the use the pliers to push the sharp edge flush into the wire.  You don't want to get a scratch everytime you wear your new piece.

  • You could always bend the wire to create a bit more interest.  After seeing a couple of snap shots of Wang's Spring 2012 collection I have a funny feeling geometric prints and chevron may be making a big return.

And viola, a cool new accessory for Fall.  

Despite today's immensely sad undertones, today is the perfect day to stay in, keep cool and hanging out with family.  Put on a few good movies or watch the memorial and DIY with mom, sis, BFF, cousin, even dad if he's up to  

Hope everyone has a good one and see you next post


Emi said...

Wow, the bracelet looks amazing! I have to go and find a flat top cuff now :) And, if you haven't tried Laduree's macaroons before, you haven't lived!! Seriously, their macaroons are just heavenly... Anw, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog x


wow that is so beautiful!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Really gorgeous!

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