Friday, November 25, 2011

****Get Naughty And Save****

Jeisa Chiminazzo for Vogue Germany/Aug 2001

So you got a tad roughed up this Black Friday.  Its okay and it should have been expected...people are just animals when savings are involved regardless how miniscule they may be.  For those of you reading this at home, you've probably just got in after waiting in line since 11pm last night still partly comatose from dinner and dessert and possibly one to many drinks.  You weren't on your A game and less than prepared for the door opening rush and sweater/denim/bag/shoe grabbing that went on after.  As a retail slave veteran please let me reassure you that those $9.99 boots at Macys will be there next week again and that $5 dress at H&M will probably only go up to $10 two weeks from now.  I truly believe that big brother behind the lens of the security cameras continually put us through this agony merely for their enjoyment.  

For those of you reading this while still out hoping that your mother/aunt will just give up on finding that damn Kitchen Aid Stand mixer attachment for your Grandmother that's 30% off...I feel for you and for the love of god just tell its 1pm and the morning specials are over.  She too is completely delirious and has no concept of time so chances are she won't realize the game until she's left the store and by that time won't even want to reclaim her position in line. You should be at home with spiked cocoa and pumpkin pie not dodging microwave wielding grandmothers, infuriated sales associates and horribly annoying elevator music.  JUST GO HOME!!!!

Besides, you can do so much lovely shopping from the comfort of your couch and still rake in the savings.  And while you are browsing the latest from Nasty Gal or Urban Outfitters take some time to stop on by Naughty Baubles and take advantage of my GET NAUGHTY AND SAVE SALE where every $50 spent gets you a $15 gift certificate to use later.  A little something to ease the pain as I am quite sure your wallet is already starting to feel a bit light.

Happy Shopping!!!

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