Tuesday, June 12, 2012

****Pastels and Parties - What I Wore****

Cropped Sweater - H&M (Similar HERE and HERE), Sheer Aqua Shorts - H&M (Similar HERE and HERE), Necklace - Naughty Baubles, Wedges - Steve Madden "Winery"

So the weekend was a change from the usual pace.  It started with dinner out with family and friends, about midway through it I had the pleasure of escorting a 2yr old to the beach who informed me I could not tell her what to do (in the most certain and polite way possible it was too cute) and found myself using the age old tactic of bribery (and to think I said I would never use it with my own kids but its looking like when the family does start I will be right along with most other parents), and ended with me in less than pleasant circumstances after a night of partying. After taking Sunday off to recoup and work on Monday, I find myself with today off and not to much on my plate...except for buying a new lamp for the bedroom, that's a priority. 

Anywho, I've been really good with shopping yet again making sure that whatever I get works with what I have and so last week after constantly complaining about needing another pair of flowy short (I can't wear my blue dotted ones everytime) I came across these sheer aquamarine colored ones at H&M.  The only size left was a bit to big to wear on high on my waist so I ended up having to pin it with a safety till I can take it in.  They were just too cute to let go and I desperately wanted to wear them so I made it work. 

On the wedding planning bit, I mentioned on twitter that I was pretty sure I found my colors but outside of my bouquet I'm not sure how to incorporate them all.  Realizing how expensive all the magazines are and ignoring my urge for tangible inspiration, I've really scoured the web day in and day out pinning any and everything that interests me.  After taking a look over the images its pretty apparent that I'm swaying towards a vintage-esque wedding which happens to be pretty huge trend right now.  I'm just really trying to figure out how to translate that into something more personal.  Luckily I have some really great help so I know no matter what the wedding is going to be great.  

Hopefully your weekend was just as fun and here's to the next one in 3 days....


The serial shopper said...

nice look!


Kimberly said...

the colors are lovely i'm sure it will all turn out beautiful! cute outfit love the shorts!

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